New edition - mandated European standard for 2.4 GHz wireless products

The standard ETSI EN 300 328 is a harmonized European standard giving access to the radio spectrum for wideband transmission systems and equipment operating in the 2,4 GHz band, with wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Bluetooth.
Compliance with this standard gives presumption of conformity with the European Radio Equipment Directive (RED).
The latest published version of ETSI EN 300 328 is V2.2.2, which was
released in July 2019 and was listed in EU’s Official Journal (OJ) on
6 February last year 2020.

The six months transition period for the new version ends 6.August, at which time the present version V2.1.1 will cease to provide presumption of conformity with the RED.
Therefore, manufacturers/suppliers of 2.4 GHz wireless products to the European market must
arrange for necessary testing of their products to the new requirements in version V2.2.2 and update their CE Declarations of Conformity accordingly.

Complete re-test shall not be necessary. The gap testing needed is Receiver Blocking which require a different test method than before. The frequency range has changed from 470-862MHz to 470-694 MHz with the same requirements.
For further information and/or application for necessary testing, please contact or

Written by Trond Sollie
For more than 30 years, Sollie has worked with conformity assessment activities in various industrial contexts, both in Norway and internationally. He has been paramount in building relationships across organisations and borders. He has also been active in the management of the international IECEE/CB scheme for many years. Until recently, he was Board Chairman of the Norwegian standards body NEK and President of the Norwegian IEC National Committee and IECEE Member Body. He is currently an NEK Board Member and a member of the IEC-CAB (Conformity Assessment Board). He also provides consulting to authorities/bodies of several countries on conformity assessment matters. Nemko has benefitted from Sollie’s expertise, network and enthusiasm for more than three decades. Prior to his role as a senior advisor for Nemko, he was a Senior Vice President, responsible for international cooperation. He has been instrumental in developing the successful Nemko Direct programs that offer clients worldwide market access for their products, within both the electrical and telecommunications/radio product areas.

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