Nemko recognized by MIC as a Certification Body for Japan Radio

Under the terms of the Japan-USA mutual recognition agreement,  Nemko has successfully been recognized as a Certification Body by the Ministry of Information and Communications of Japan.

IMG_2027-1Nemko’s scope covers radio equipment under their scopes B1, B2 and B3 which allows Nemko to certify many different types of radios such as WiFi, Bluetooth and even higher power radios such as LTE transmitters.

The certifications will be processed within Nemko’s TCB which is already an industry leader in certifying wireless products for key economies such the United States, Canada, the EU, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

MIC label example

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Written by Stuart Beck
Stuart is located in Nemko’s Ottawa office and is responsible for Nemko’s Product Certification services. A graduate of Loughborough University in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, he has spent his career of over 28+ years in compliance testing and certification with specialization in telecommunications products and technologies. During this time, he has overseen the growth of Nemko’s North American certification services, including its Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) and its electrical safety services via its NRTL program.